Todd McNabb Memorial Scholarship

2023 Selection Committee

Durham Community Foundation: Vivian Curl (Executive Director)

Family: Rhondda McNabb (wife); Cody McNabb (son); Curtis McNabb (son)

Todd's minor hockey: Jeff Fitchett (played minor hockey with Todd; also worked with Todd at GMAC)

Canadian automotive finance industry: Jennifer Waugh (worked with Todd at TD Auto Finance); Michael Wheller (worked with Todd at GMAC)

Minor hockey: Jack English (Past President, Ajax-Pickering Raiders); Paul Bigioni (coached '99 and '03 age groups with Todd)

High school community: Derrick Rushton (Durham District School Board; also coached '99 age group with Todd); Dan Prescott

​Business community: Jim VanDusen (worked with Todd at GMAC); Steve Barry

Thank you again to all who generously contributed to support this initiative.  

When it was established, our goal was to fund ten $1,000 scholarships; It is simply amazing that we far exceeded this goal, having awarded forty-five $1,000 scholarships over the past 9 years.​

The fund has now been fully awarded and as a result, 2023 was our last year for applications.