Todd McNabb Memorial Scholarship

Congratulations to the recipients of the Todd McNabb Scholarship in 2020!


Pictured above are the recipients of the 2020 awards! Respecting the need for social distancing, thank you to each winner for submitting a picture in their hockey jersey.  Congratulations to Nicholas Goosney, Joshua Jeffrey, Lauren Miller, Ben Prescott and Vincent Putos! 


In memory of a close friend of Todd's who passed away from cancer in 2019, the Scholarship awarded to Lauren Miller is dedicated in memory of Dr. Gordon Vail.  Lauren was selected given her interest in human movement and health.

Previous Award Winners:


2019 - Andrew Olesinski, Lindsay Hargreaves, Aidan Dickerson, Johnathan Rampino, Brendan James, 

               Mackenzie Simpson

2018 - Brianna Wong, Cole Brown, Zachary Millar, Andrew Karaoulis, Nolan Keats

2017 - Madison Ayres, Tyler Dender, Liam Cresswell, Megan Florian, Tyler Munro, Brendan Murphy,

              Andrew Plummer

2016 - Craig Rushton and Avery Pasternak.

2015 - Graham Port, Alyssa Gee and Andrew Hughes


Note: Given continued growth in the value of the fund, a $1,000 donation was also made to "Their Opportunity" in June 2016 to further support youth hockey programs in Ajax/Pickering.