Todd McNabb Memorial Scholarship

Todd McNabb was a well known and respected leader within the automotive finance industry in Canada.  He was equally recognized as a leader within the Ajax minor hockey community.  Minor hockey was a passion for Todd that almost matched his passion to be an incredible husband to Rhondda and father to their sons Cody (born in 1999) and Curtis (born in 2003).

Todd strongly believed in the power of team sports, such as hockey, to help build character and create friendships for a lifetime. He was proof of the potential positive impact of minor hockey.  Todd grew up playing competitive hockey in Oshawa, Ontario. and many of his closest friendships were formed through his hockey experience - both in his youth and later though families on his son's teams.  In 2004, Todd began giving back to the community (or paying it forward as you will) and has been a Head Coach within the Ajax Minor Hockey Association and/or the Ajax-Pickering Raiders Association almost every season since then.

When he passed away in September 2014, his lifelong friend Jeff Fitchett shared the below as he eulogized Todd.  He articulated the essence of who Todd was so well.  Best to simply share....

Definition of a Tough Guy
Life is full of legendary stories about “tough guys” both real and imaginary. There is the Clint Eastwood types in movies and the sports heroes who played through pain to lead their team to victory.  These are all great stories but my definition of a tough guy is different. I see a tough guy as an everyday person who has been forced to battle for his life but refuses to let the battle stop him from living. He refuses to let it stop him from being a great Dad and Husband, loving son, caring family member and friend.

This guy never misses his kid’s activities, even after days of chemo, full of aches and pains and all the other side effects his treatments cause, because he loves them and wants life to be as normal as possible for them. He talks about how loving and supportive his wife is, how helpful his parents and sister have been and despite what he is going through always asks how you and your family are. No one would judge this guy if he sat around but he drags himself to work, stays too late, all because his commitment and sense of responsibility won’t let him stay home when he should. He may not know it but this guy’s toughness and positive attitude inspires his friends to improve their lives. Who is this tough guy?

​Todd Douglas McNabb, Colleague, Coach, Mentor, Friend, Nephew, Cousin, Uncle, Brother-in-law, Brother, Son-in-law, Son, Husband and Father. A truly great man who will never be forgotten.